PLAB 2, the OSCE exam

Once the candidate has cleared his/her PLAB 1, they are able to sit for the final part, the PLAB 2. This exam is the OSCE part of the exams and is held multiple times a month , throughout the year. It assesses the candidates ability to work as an FY2 doctor.

It is a 3 hour exam (approximately) consisting of 20 stations ( i.e. 18 stations and 2 rest stations).

The exam is held in the GMC building in Manchester, on the 1st floor.

Results become known via the GMC online portal after 1 month.

There are academies that provide training for this course, namely :

  1. CommonStations (by Dr Hamed), London
  2. Dr Swamy, Manchester
  3. Samson PLAB Academy, London
  4. PLAB Right, Liverpool
  5. Plabcoach, Birmingham

The exam costs £850 /- per attempt.

Candidates can sit for a total of 4 attempts for each PLAB exam (since September 2016). If at candidate is unable to complete the PLAB exam in 4 attempts, the GMC states:

“If you’ve failed the exam four times, you can apply for one final attempt. You will need to demonstrate evidence of additional learning over a 12 month period and make an application to the GMC.” (1)

One can also appeal the results.


The FY2 PLAB2 , however, is NOT a substitute for the FY1 OSCE exam (the Clinical Skills Assessment / CSA). You will still be required to sit for the CSA if you have not done your internship + graduated more than 2 years ago. The CSA fees is currently costs £ 850 /- .

I am scratching my head too at this point.

After clearing the PLAB 2, you can go on to apply for your provisional registration … on to the ID check section!