IELTS – The dreaded language exam!

The dreaded IELTS Exam:

IMGs will then be required to pass the IELTS exam, which is an English Language exam before they can proceed with their application.

This exam is held multiple times a month throughout the year costing an approximate £165/- (in 2017).

The exam tests 4 different language areas , namely

  1. listening
  2. speaking
  3. reading and
  4. writing

There are 2 types of IELTS:

  1. the general IELTS
  2. the academic IELTS

For the purpose of GMC registration, candidates are required to score an average of 7.0 in the “academic IELTS”. However, the UKFPO requires a minimum of 7.5 in all categories. There is no limit to the number of times one can sit this exam.

Many IMG unfortunately struggle with 1 or 2 sections of this exam and spend months repeating the exam. I know of a colleague who had great English communication skills but gave this exam 8 times and still was unsuccessful ! Controlling your nerves plays an important part in passing any exam. Also knowing how to study for an exam determines who passess and who fails.

Don’t give up!! Study smart!

Alternatives to IELTS: if you can show evidence of work/study for 2 years (uninterrupted), you may be exempt from giving the exams. Please refer to the GMC website for further information.

However, do remember the UKFPO will still require the IELTS score! In addition, you will be required to score a 7.5 in ALL areas as mentioned above.

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