The GMC “ID Check” appointment

After having cleared the 3 exams, one becomes eligible to apply for provisional registration, in our case. This is done via the GMC online portal under My Applications.

Here you will be asked to fill out your employment history and later provide the original Employers References (GMC forms signed by your previous employers as proof of work). These can be a nightmare to get signed.

I personally would not recommend filling in ALL the small jobs you ever done (when applying online) if you think you will have great difficulties getting the Employers Reference filled by all your employers. Remember , you are applying for provisional registration … so unless it’s an Internship , is it really going to make a difference ?

You will be asked to make an appointment with the GMC (usually after 1-2 months), to collect and bring all the requested information. This includes a valid passport ID, Employee references, additional degrees and any additional information mentioned. You can have this “ID check” appointment in the GMC building in London or Manchester. It’s your choice.

On the date, after you submit all your documents, you will be given your provisional registration. The process is fairly straight forward.  If you are unable to provide all the documents, let the GMC know in advance and they can give you alternative options. In my case, I was unable to provide the 2 original employer references. The GMC sent out an email asking my previous employers to confirm that I worked there. They were asked to reply using the official office email address (not from generic/personal gmail or hotmail e-mail account) .

The GMC will post your registration certificate to you by mail when they have all the proof.

So you finally have your Provisional Registration…congratulations… !

Now for the hard part…