Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA)

Stroke patient care


[A separate section has been made for this topic.] 

At this point, the UKFPO will send an e-mail to the candidate about the details of the CSA for those who are required to give this exam. Kindly see other sections of this website for further detail.

The payment normally needs to be made within a months time (do check the deadline for this too!), and it costs £850 /- (as of 2017/18).

A Handbook will be sent to all applicants (following confirmation of the payment by the University of Manchester in my case which hosted the exam). This handbook provides useful very useful information which I have mentioned on this website.

In October, through the Oriel application window, the FP/AFP window will open. This means you can apply to the Deanery of your choice. The FP application is straight forward. However, the AFP applications will require you to write short essays highlighting your strengths and experience. The deadline to complete these applications is also in October. So apply early. This window period is about 2 weeks.

The CSA exam itself is held by the end of October. Details of this exam are mentioned in another section.

The results take approximately 2 weeks to be announced while a detailed report is sent 3 weeks after the exam date.