Application Scoring

Applicants who are applying for FY1 posts will have to compete with their colleagues when they apply to Deaneries

This is done on the basis of a scoring system. This system is broken down into 2 major components:

  1. The Educational Performance Measure (EPM) – 50 points
  2. The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) – 50 points

The EPM is measured early on in the process and carries half the total marks. It has several components:

The Medical School Performance (34-43 points). This is a based on how well you did during your medical school. It looks how well you ranked against other medical students in your class in terms of decile (there are 10 decile groups).

1st decile (the top 10% of the class) will receive 43 points

2nd decile will score 42

3rd decile will score 41 (and so on)

10th decile will score 34

This information is obtained from your medical school (local graduates) or from the Dean’s Statement (for IMG’s).

The EPM score normally becomes available by the end of September and can be seen on Oriel.

Educational Achievement (up to 7 points). Doctors with additional degrees (up to 5 points) and Publications (up to 2 points, 1 point per publication) can receive additional points. These points are usually added by mid October.

Regarding additional degrees, the certificates must be uploaded to Oriel (UKFPO does not accept transcripts unfortunately). The following information is required:

➢ The educational institution
➢ The name of the degree
➢ The class of degree (where applicable)
➢ Your name
➢ The date of the award
➢ The signature of awarding officer

PhD degrees are awarded the maximum number of points, i.e. 5 points. More information is provided in The Handbook on the UKFPO website.

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