Applying for FY1

In order to start working as an FY1 Doctor in the UK, you need to register with the GMC and the Foundation Program. Although they work with each other, they are 2 separate institutions and have their own separate requirements. This lack of synchronicity means you will be asked to do more than you would like .

A prime example is that you will need to pass the PLAB 2 exam (GMC requirement) and also pass the UKFPO CSA exam (UKFPO requirement).

The basics

There are a few things you will need to familiarise with. ( I am not including the GMC website as that is covered alot at on other websites.)

1. The UKFPO website. This is the main body you will be dealing with. The website is well structured. Take the time out to read their manual / handbook. It is a lot of information to absorb. At the very least know their deadlines and open your Oriel account.

2. The Oriel website. The Oriel website is the official website through which UKFPO operates and through which you will be applying for the FY1 elegibility and FY1 posts. You will need to create your account here and fill in your basic information.

How to apply

For local and European graduates, the process of GMC registration is straight forward, i.e. through the Oriel website.

For International Medical Graduates (IMG), the process is a bit long winded. You are required to apply for provisional registration via the GMC website (for the PLAB exams) AND apply to the UKFPO (via Oriel).

It is best to start with the GMC requirements first, i.e. clearing the IELTS and PLAB 1 before applying for FY1 eligibility (via the Oriel website). I did not plan it right, but my colleagues had combined their PLAB 2 dates with their CSA dates and gave both exams close to each other. Though more stressful, this is will save you the time and stress later on.

Since the eligibility process opens between June -August, plan around this. (Do note, you do not need to have passed your PLABs before sitting for the CSA. You have to complete your PLABs and obtained your Provisional Registration by March I believe).

Aim to finish your IELTS early in the year.

Plan PLAB 1 around April/May ( try to finish it before June).

PLAB 2 around September (or November). 

CSA on the end of October.

I have tried to provide a step-by-step guide, starting with the IELTS.