The Clinical Skill Assessment (CSA) Exam

Before your UKFPO eligibility , it is very difficult to know what exactly the CSA exam is.

I remember hearing the words “clinical assessment exam” while I was preparing for my PLAB 2 , but I never gave it much thought, since PLAB 2 is stressful enough.

When the time came for me to apply for eligibility, I started to wonder what the CSA exam was all about. Unfortunately, the UKFPO wasn’t given me a clear answer and I was told I would receive further instructions around August/September. And there any website that explained what the exam entailed. Given that the exam itself was in October, the lack of clarity played on my nerves.

“Why is this exam such a huge secret?” After all, everyone knows about the PLAB1, PLAB2, MRCP exams, etc… so why the ambiguity?

I wish someone would have taken the time out to write a blog about the exam.

I hope the next few sections will demystify the big, scary “Babadook”.

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