The results take 2 weeks to be published on the Oriel Website. This year, the results will be published on the 7th of November according to the exam coordinator (although the handbook says earlier), and the detailed results will be sent by post on the 14th of November. This may vary in the future.

Pass or Fail? 
As mentioned earlier, each station will have its own pass mark set by the
Angoff method (similar to PLAB 2).
After the CSA exam , every candidate will receive:
  • The CSA report
  • “Personalized Feedback Guide”
The guide states that you will need to pass a few criteria to pass the exam.
1. Passing at least 12 stations out of 16.
2. Scoring above the total minimum pass score (based on a reliability coefficient and mean score – as stated in the Guide). This is not mentioned in the report. So there is a lot of ambiguity as to what this cut off is and varies from one Cycle to another.
3. If more than 1 examiner raises concerns regarding a candidates performance, then the candidates case is reviewed and based on how well the candidate did on that day /that cycle, the candidate can be failed.
Unfortunately the exam is only held once a year , without the possibility to re-sit the exam the same year.
If you fail, it is a long wait, but it’s NOT the end of the world ! (See the Appeal Section)
If you pass, the scores are valid for 2 years.

Next step – preparing for the Situational Judgement!