CSA preparation & Additional Information

When I first started out trying to prepare for this exam, I met many road blocks. I was told the exam is anywhere from 60-80% similar to the PLAB 2.

There was no one who could sit me down and explain to me the exam in detail. I attended courses where I came to realise the structure of the exam and the topics that one needs to cover for this exam.

Around the same time the UKFPO sent me the UKFPO Clinical Assessments FP 2018 Handbook. I received this manual by e-mail after I made the payment for the CSA exam. It is a 20-page document for candidates who are sitting for the CSA.

Why this information is not available to the public is something I am still not clear about.

I have taken information from that Handbook, information I have gathered from personal experience, other doctors and courses. I hope they prove useful to you as well.