FY1 – useful media links

Starting your FY1 is intimidating and vague to doctors like myself.

There are a few useful FY1 media links that introduce doctors to the system. I have listed some below:

Fy1 survival guides:

  1. FY1 Survival Guide, Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary.
  2. What The Bleep

Foundation School Experiences:

  1. Doctor’s Handovers

What to expect/ Doctor experiences:

  1. The Junior Doctor
  2. That Medic
  3. Junior doctor in psychiatry ward 
  4. Blood, Stool and Tears. Journey of a junior doctor (and nurses!) 

Tips and tricks:

  1. Clerking and Writing in the Notes for FY1s
  2. Prescription Review
  3. Starting the foundation programme and becoming a doctor (BMAtv)
  4. How to be a productive junior doctor (Podmedics)

The FY Portfolio :

  1. An Idiot’s Guide to the e-Portfolio Videos

Useful reading:

  1. 2016 junior doctor contract booklet (BMA, requires membership)