FY1 salary expectations

The Junior Doctor salary is a complicated topic, especially with the recent 2016 changes which led to junior doctor complaints and strikes around the country.

If you are a BMA member, you can call the support line and get advice from them. Also, they can review your contract and advice you on any changes. Just like the GMC stands up for patients rights, the BMA supports doctors.

For those who are not, I have compiled a list of resources which may prove to be helpful.

1. Pay scales for junior doctors in England

2. Realistic FY1 salary

3. BMA Junior doctors Payband Calculator

4. Junior doctors’ contract: tables of pay (PDF)

What I have come to understand is that the expected basic salary rate  is approximately around £26.6 k annually. This is the basic pay and does not include night shifts , extended hours and additional locum work one can sign up for. Hence, the total amount can go above £30k + annually. This is all before tax.

If you work in London you could add a “London allowance” at £2k.