After the examination

 The candidates from the 2 Cycles will be united and brought back to the area/room where all the bags are. You will then be escorted to a different part of the hospital building.

When you are at the opposite side of the building, you will be quarantined. When the next batch start their exams, you will be given your phone back and you will be allowed to leave.

If you are the morning batch, this will be around 13:30.

If you are the PM batch, this can be 17:30.

Have a snack at one of the cafeterias. You will feel famished and thirsty.

Now what?

Often after an exam, people start to realise the mistakes they have made in the exam. Don’t beat yourself up over it! EVERYONE feels that way.

Don’t feel demotivated! Remember that majority of the people pass this exam. Unless you have made a massive mistake in several stations, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pass.

I remember hearing how some candidates thought they failed. But when the results came out, they passed by a landslide!

Enjoy the time with family, you deserve it.