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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.I would appreciate it if I could get in touch with you as I have a couple of questions and I’m in a big dilemma and thought it would be worth taking to someone with a bit of clarity concerning this whole foundation programme issue.
    Many Thanks


  2. Hello and sorry for bothering. I just have a question in regard provisional registration. I am a fresh graduate back in my home country and should start my internship in my university by March/2018. If I decided to not take my internship and plan to start my ielts and PLAB exams and apply for provisional diagnosis later on rather than taking my internship. Will that be a good thing or a bad thing. Is it better to have ur f1 in UK or it won’t make a difference in regard allocation later on. Also in regard such statement ” Doctors with provisional registration are legally only allowed to apply for FY1 posts. Locum Appointments for Training (LAT) posts for FY1 doctors are very rare and requires Foundation School involvement during the process of recruitment.” if LAT is rare for fy1 why should I take that path. And what is meant by foundation school involvement is required for recruitment.


    1. Hi,

      Congratulations on clearing your medical training!

      I am afraid I do not have much experience when it comes to FY2 allocations, i would recommend forums like NaseersJourney. I mighr give you the wrong information by guessing. But for FY1 the UKFPO look at you performance during and after medical training (kindly see the Allocation section). Based on your score and your Daenery preference, you get allocated into the program.

      The plus point in doing your internship at home is that you save 1 year and start as a FY2 here.
      The plus point in doing an FY1 post is that you will learn from the ground up and by the time you start your FY2, you will have 1 year of NHS experience while other IMG coming from abroad will have less or none.

      The FY1 LAT posts are vacancies the hospital / Deaneries have been unable to fill from my understanding. Either because of lack of candidates applying to that specific Deanery or because the FY1 candidate ended up leaving during their training. The hospitals HR department advertises these posts and there is strong competition from what I have been told for these posts. Since the FY1 program takes months to start officially, starting a LAT FY1 post is good experience. You do need to be seen as eligible by the UKFPO since they will grant the permission from my understanding.



  3. Hi Dr,
    I am a fifth year medical student and am pursuing opthalmology in the uk. There’s very little information for imgs to get into FY1. Is there a possibility for imgs to get into FY1 and Could you please guide me for it.


    1. Hi,

      Congratulations on almost being done with medical school!

      I would recommending reading the visa process carefully first. From my understanding, the UKFPO sponsors Tyre 4 visas only to IMG graduated who have passed from a UK medical college. I will ask a few colleagues to clarify this.

      For the rest, have a sit down and read though the posts one by one. See if the UK is the right option for you. Start of by planning for IELTS and PLAB 1.

      And if you have any specific query email the UKFPO office, they are efficient in replying back.



  4. Hello. I am in a situation where i can only get provisional registration but i dont have the right to work in uk. Would i get sponsorship for FY1?


    1. Hi,

      I am sorry but I am a EU citizen, so thankfully I have not faced this problem. There are quite a few people who have asked me this question and unfortunately I do not have an answer.

      If I remember correctly, the UKFPO does state that you need to have graduated from a UK medical university if you are an IMG wanting to apply for the Tyre 4 visa sponsorship via a Deanery. Otherwise, I believe you need to be a UK or EU national, or your spouse should be a local/EU national.

      I hope others who read this post can give their input.


      PS – Just have a look at the UKFPO website and send them an e-mail explaining your circumstances for clarification.


  5. Did you go through the same or you had right to work? And also , if the answer is yes, is it going to be a problem on visa? I already have had a succesful 6 months visa. I will apply for another one for plab 2 now. And if i apply for FY1 i will need other visas for other exams .


  6. Hi,

    Sorry I’m not familiar with the PR/ILR.

    It’s best to email the UKFPO office. From my knowledge, other qualifications (eg PLAB 2) does not substitute for the CSA. So, if you meet the criteria (graduated more than 2 years ago + no prior internship) then you will most likely be asked to do the CSA.



  7. Hello Sir!
    I m a Final Year Graduate here in Pakistan. if i won’t do my 1 year house job here. Would i be able to get Fy1 job there after clearing CSA? Even if i will be an img not a british citizen?


    1. Hi,

      If you are a fresh graduate (within 2 years of graduating), you do not have to sit for the CSA exam.

      I am afraid I am not knowledgeable about the visa process sadly. I will try to find out but it would be wise to go to the UKFPO website and read about the visa process and work permit. Hopefully someone who knows can comment as well.

      Kind regards


      1. Actually Sir..! Sorry to say, this blog is somehow misleading.. u should mention that Fy1 jobs only EU citizens can get! While imgs always need to do house job back in pak otherwise u won’t be able to get any fy1 job until and unless u r a british citizen or get dependent PR..

        Plz do mention this in your blog otherwise it may mislead others too like me..and if i m wrong plz do correct me.! Waiting for ur help


      2. Hi,

        I will have to disagree with you. My blog is just my experience. It is intended for those who want to know more about the process and the CSA exam.

        I have mentioned this before, but I am not very knoweldgable about the visa process. It is fair to say that the candidates who sit for these exams are primarily local graduates, EU citizens such as myself or IMG’s who have local/EU spouses. If there is another process, I am afraid I do not know.

        All the best.

        Kind regards.


  8. Thankyou Sir..!
    It was indeed very helpful.. It did help me alot..

    If u get any info about other visas too then let us know..!

    Ur blog helps me alot.. Thankyou once again!


  9. Hi
    Loved the way you wrote!
    Just wanted to know did you join any academies or attended any courses for the clinical assessment?
    I have to do it this year and really am stuck on resources to help prepare.
    Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thanks


  10. Hi,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    If you go to the “My Experience” tab, you will find which courses I attended.

    I am also providing tuition and have created course content, tailored specifically for the UKFPO FY1 CSA exam. I will advertise that shortly when it is ready.



  11. Thank you very much for this precious information and advice!

    Im a EU citizen, I graduated med school in 2013, completed my internship in Psychiatry in 2016, worked as a socialist back home. I’ve been offered Provisional registration with a licence to practice, I intend to apply for UKFPO in July 2018.

    Would you tell me please, în my case I will have to sit the CSA in october or no?

    Thank you,
    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Sorina,

      I think it is always best to e-mail the UKFPO office directly to ask if need to sit for the CSA. I hope not for you as exams in general are stressful to go through and expensive.

      I assume that since you have provisional registration you did not do the 6 months surgery (or related) and 6 months medicine (or related) rotation. So it does place you in the FY1 category.

      The UKFPO (Eligibility FAQ) page states:
      “I qualified prior to 01 August 2016 and therefore must undertake a clinical assessment. What does this involve?

      The national clinical assessment is designed to ensure that a doctor has maintained their clinical and professional skills since qualification. The clinical assessment will be undertaken by the University Hospital of South Manchester and will take place on 24 -26 October 2017.”

      So I am afraid yes you might have to give the CSA exam.

      My advise would be to contact the UKFPO office to confirm this.

      Best wishes.


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