Tuition for the CSA

Class is in session!

I remember searching for a CSA course just a couple of months ago and feeling confused and unsure. I did benefit from the courses that I ended up attending and the text books I purchased online, however reflecting back now, they could definitely have been more tailored to the new examination pattern.

Having sat my CSA exams just 6 months ago, the experience is fresh.

Since then, I created this website, which thanks to my friend Dr Naseer, and Omarsguidelines website, has helped other doctors access this websites information. In addition, I received a lot of messages asking me to provide tuition for the CSA exam. Since then I have been working hard on creating a program tailored specifically for the next CSA exam.

Thus, I am happy to announce that I am providing tuition specifically tailored for the UKFPO CSA exam.

I spent time designed a detailed course (as laid out by the UKFPO Clinical Skills Handbook) and my own experience (as well as that of my colleagues).

This will cover:

  1. all aspects of the syllabus (with the exception of mannequins/ specific procedures will mostly be covered on paper), see Syllabus.
  2. extensive look into marking scheme
  3. discussion of errors made by previous candidates
  4. personal experience (that of myself and my colleagues)
  5. tips & tricks to help you pass the CSA
  6. introduction to the SJT and how to study for this

The course content is from a combination of sources, including from what I learned during my own preparation, latest NICE guidelines, patient information websites, local Trust guidelines and other sources like Geeky Medics.

Each candidate will be provided with the course material and the content is structured in a way that is easy to read and absorb.

Course information:

Course date: 9th and 10th June 2018.

Course venue: Birmingham (specific venue will be based on number of candidates)

Course fees: £100/- (This fees includes course content.)
To book your seat, kindly use the Contact sections to send an email. 

ADDENDUM: If you have missed the date above and need tuition, kindly use the Forum to connect with other candidates. Kindly make a group of 8 (at least) or more and feel free to contact me. If possible, I will try to take a weekend off to organize online classes before the exam date.

Disclaimer: Kindly note I am not a certified instructor nor affiliated with any organisation.